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Emily Gets a Tooth

Do you remember darling Miss Emily? Well I have the pleasure of chronicling her growth, and it never ceases to amaze me what three more months does for a baby - I mean, it's a third of her life!

We waited and waited for good weather and good moods, but the stars never aligned for us. The rainiest May in history, a teething baby, sleepless nights. Sometimes you just have to go ahead and get the shoot done, and I'm glad we were able to - schedules get busy and nine months (and that wonderful first tooth!) only lasts so long.

The timing was just right and Emily was waking up in a good mood as I arrived. I love the nursery pictures because those moments are such a huge piece of parenthood, and yet we so rarely get to document them. Oh, the sleepy face is one of my favorites!

We moved into the living room and had a great time - we even managed to keep Emily's hand out of her mouth for a few seconds at a time to capture that brand new tooth!

Emily is so bright and alert now, crawling and goofing around. I can't wait to see how much more her personality will shine through in another three months!


Love and cupcakes

Meet Adrienne - and yes, you'll just have to try not to be jealous at how gorgeous she is! Did I mention she's also nice, and funny, and smart (she has her own business - go check out her awesome bags and then come right back for the rest of this post!), and brings me cupcakes (see also: smart)? Yep, definitely a friend to keep around.

Well, her daughters certainly take after her, and they are a delight. Love and energy just emanate from these three, and it was a pleasure to watch.

It rained all week, and then the clouds blew away for the few hours we were together. Little did we know, that would be the last time we'd see the sun for a week. It came out for a few hours on Memorial Day, and is promising to stay hidden for another week. It has been quite the rainy spring and it was a blast to get outside and play for a change!

I can't help but love this next one since it's a drawing of my daughter! Thanks, Riley, it's the best!

As someone who brushes her daughter's hair maybe every few days, and has never even put it in a pony tail, I cannot begin to imagine what goes into maintaining these curls. I couldn't take my eyes off them!

And did I mention that Adrienne held those cupcakes hostage til the end of the shoot? They were well worth the wait.

Adrienne, thanks so much for sharing your afternoon with us - it was awesome. Tell Lauren I'm sorry I wrote all over her face with my logo - I promise I will erase it all when I send them to you. ;o) Oooh, and happy birthday, too! I think some more cupcakes are in order.

Stay tuned for a super energetic story board. I swear, Adrienne is an awesome mom, and this is a fun scene you won't want to miss. :O)


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