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Three at last!

Today my baby turns three. It seems hard to imagine that we're already here, but not so hard to think of her as three. She has been growing into it for months now and can't wait til she can shout, 'I'm three!!' from the rooftops.

So pardon me as I take a walk down memory lane. These pictures mean the world to me. As Lillia grows into these years, my memories of Bella start to run together and fade away. Just a glance at these images brings me right back into the moment, and there is nothing sweeter than that.

Every year she seems so big, but every year I look back on that 'grown up' little girl and marvel at how tiny she seems now. I can only imagine what next year will have in store. She just seems so incredibly grown up right now...

Over the year she has learned more exciting and efficient ways to play the same games.

And yet still manages to do some things in the exact same ways.

This was our family a week before Bella was born.

And a few hours after she was born - snuggled in bed, waking up together for the first time. This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever. Bella has been a daddy's girl right from the start.

Bella's second day on this earth.

Moving right along to her first birthday!

Some days I cannot believe how much she looks like Lillia!

And her second birthday. I was sick a lot that year and don't have as many birthday pictures. This was on her birthday. The weather was phenomenal so we went out right at bedtime to take a look at the moon.

Sigh. (They grow up so fast...)


Cranes Galore!

This Saturday Urbia Fresh Cafe hosted a day of making peace cranes for Japan.

Emiko arranged this local event and spent most of the day busily teaching the origami art of peace cranes.

The mini ones were such a big hit!

Everyone joined in and tried it out - even costumers who just happened to walk in. Later in the day Q13 Fox news popped in. Hopefully the cranes will bring a bit of love and hope to communities in Japan - a little something to let them know that they are not forgotten.

A big thanks to everyone who came to support the cause!


Those bitty toes

Here's a sneak peek of a recent newborn session. I have to say, I've been waiting on this little girl for quite some time. She's a punctual little thing and surprised her mama by not arriving late like her sisters.

My favorite bit? Those cutie pie chicken legs. It makes it almost possible to imagine that just two weeks ago they were curled up in a wee little home.

Thanks for sharing your Mini Me with me, Adrienne. She looks so much like her sisters that I can't wait to see who she becomes on her own!


Cranes for peace

Hard to believe, but until this week I had never made a paper crane in my life!

They have always fascinated me, though they were a bit fiddly to attempt with my girls within reach. I'm more of a origami star person, really.

In order to raise funds for Japan and maintain awareness of the country's recovery efforts, Urbia Fresh Cafe will be hosting a local peace crane event from 9am to 3pm. There will be participants on hand to teach newcomers (like myself!) how to fold cranes. Our goal is to make a crane for every life lost. We will be sending photos taken at the event along with the cranes.

To top off the goodwill, Urbia Fresh Cafe will be donating 10% of proceeds for the day!

If you cannot attend, please visit the main event page on Facebook to find other times, or consider donating your own cranes.

Feel free to register on here on Facebook - I hope you will join us at Urbia Fresh Cafe next weekend!


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