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Sweet sunlight

Need a little more sunshine to round out this gorgeous day?

This was one of my favorite sessions of 2010. What can I say? The stars aligned; the weather was beautiful and Georgetown is funky and colorful. You may perhaps recognize this family from my public service announcement on How to make a sleepy baby smile or if you follow me on Facebook. It seems like yesterday I was attending her birth.

Haydee was definitely a sleepy bug this afternoon!

I feel so lucky to watch her grow up. She and Lillia are only three weeks apart, and you could not find two more different babies.

I love this moment. Few things are sweeter than little girls with their daddies.

And I'm telling you, their neighborhood is AWESOME! I mean, where else would you find a mural like this in an alley?

Ronnie bundled Haydee up for the walk home and wore her in the Moby Wrap. Personally, I love wearing my girls. It's such a short time when they are small and cuddly, and it makes life so much easier. I can never get enough photos of me wearing my girls. In fact, I have been known to force people to take my picture on occasion.

Haydee went through quite a lot to make it into this world, and I'm so glad she picked Ronnie and Greg to be her parents. Hope you're out enjoying the sun today, little one!


Starting Fresh (with snow!)

Another hello. We have been hiding out at home. Bella and Lia were very sick, but thanks to some pain killers and antibiotics, we are on the mend.

What are we doing today?

Waiting on a snowstorm. The excitement is unbearable!


Quick update!

Just popping in for a moment (hence no picture!) to say Hi! Yep, I'm still here. We had an impromptu little visit from family at the same time as we all caught another cold.

Rest assured, we ae now all on the mend and getting back to busy life as we know it. I have some more great sessions to share, oodles of shots for the Joy of Love project, and perhaps a little news on an East Coast tour this summer. (Yay!!!) Stay tuned!


Joy of Love Day 2, 3, 4

In continuing with our Joy of Love series, I made my husband pose for a photo. I have very few pictures of him without Bella. If he's home, she's glued to him.

Day 3 had us thinking about what they do. Bella loves stacking things and lining things up. I have a picture in my mind that is so similar to this moment a year ago. It's driving me nuts that I can't find it, but I will post it when I do.

Day 4 asks what our loved ones wear. Bella is on a PJ kick, if you haven't noticed, and these are her Squishy payjays. This was just after I wore her to sleep for her nap and put her in bed. She'd wear PJs all day and if you ask her to put something else on, she'll find a new pair of jammies to wear.


A beautiful home labor

Whew, this post is a long time in coming - but I figured I'd better post it before I post this family's holiday session!

Just a few weeks after my own daughter was born, a friend of mine went into labor with her daughter. We had arranged for me too be there for her home birth, so I headed over in the evening when things started picking up.

Ronnie was beautiful in labor!

Unfortunately, not fifteen minutes after I got there the midwives decided this baby needed more attention than they could give. Ronnie just rolled with the punches. I've never seen someone so relaxed in labor.

Ronnie labored a bit longer as the midwives got everything ready, and then it was off to the hospital. I had my own two week old with me and wasn't allowed in to help her labor, but she was in great company. Just a few hours later little Haydee made her dramatic entrance into the world. Let me tell you, she is cute as a button!

Stay tuned for their awesome family session in Georgetown!

P.S. I can't recommend birth photography enough. It's an amazing moment to have captured forever.


Joy of Love Day 1

As you may know if you follow my tweets, I'm participating in The Joy of Love this February, a whole month of free photographic prompts and tips. It's for all levels of photographers, so if you haven't joined yet, go sign up! A bit of extra creativity never hurt anyone.

You may notice a busier blog schedule than in the past, so enjoy!

The first day today was What They Do.

Oh I could go on and on about this. It's the core of who I am, capturing the little happenings that make up our days and our lives.

Bella gets up with Dave in the morning and they snuggle on the couch until he's ready to wake up. Some time later she walks him out the door with a Have a good day!

Lia can crawl forward, but when she thinks about it she ends up pushing herself backwards, gives up and assumes the sky diving position until she gets rescued (or finds an interesting bit of trash to entertain her for hours on end).

She nurses with her hands in her face.

Bella writes her own Very Important Lists all over my lists.

She and Lillia could stay in the ball pen forever, especially when I'm making it rain.

When I got up from my computer this morning, Bella declared, Steps for you, Mama! And indeed she had laid out the red carpet for me.

And of course, what they do... well it's evident at the end of the day. They do everything.


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