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Super(b) Moon

Did you happen to catch a glimpse of the supermoon this weekend?

Astronomy Picture of the Day posted an amazing moon over the Parthenon:

If you missed the kagillion articles about it, the moon was full at the same time as it was closest to the earth. SO. It made for quite a large moon! (And lots of new babies, but that's another story!)

Friends told me it was absolutely gorgeous in Seattle.

I went out to catch it, but alas, we're just south and there was too much haze (and trees) on the horizon to see it rise from our viewpoint.

So instead, I stayed out in the cool night to take some pictures of our neighbor's cherry tree in the moonlight and listen to the peeper frogs in the distance.

What was your view like?

Check out some more awesome shots of the Supermoon (love the last one there)! Makes you wish they came around more, eh?


Love becomes art

I have to chime in about this fun new fad taking over the world.

Love Padlocks - Cologne - 1
{photo © Ben Heine || Facebook || Twitter || www.benheine.com}

Love Padlocks!

I think I need to roam around a bit more and see if I can find any in Seattle.

Take a look at love padlocks around the world. I love makes beautiful art.


A little treat

This little guy was here on a quick visit and hopped on a plane a few hours after this. No worries. It had been a year since I saw him last and I'll do whatever it takes to squeeze myself into his PNW visits. Who could resist those eyes?

Mr. Max, I hope it's not another year before I get to see you again. I can't possibly imagine what you'll be into by then! (And how many hearts you will have broken....)


Savoring: flight

When we are lucky enough to have the whole family home at the same time it gets a little wild.

Lia enjoys a good airplane ride. She's not much of a laugh-er, but when her smile takes over her face, you know she's about ready to burst from happiness.

And Bella? Well you'll just have to imagine the peals of laughter.

These images make my heart sing and I feel so lucky to have them. Maybe someday they will decorate my hallway.

P.S. That's Lia's hand grabbing my lens in every shot of Bella. She's quite the go-getter.



Dave works retail and while our little ones wake us up bright and early these days, we try to laze about as much as possible. Lia wakes up last and her greeting is the best feeling ever.

This is what mornings look like around here. A bit dreary outside but warm and cozy on the couch. (Yes, Bella is lways attacking Lia with hugs.) Check out Darrah's Slice of Life project and be sure to show us what your mornings are like.


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