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On experience and permanence

Soft Mt. Rainier sunset in enumclaw.
(The view from my parents' street - processed by my dad.)

My dad and I were walking up his driveway after running down the street to catch the last bit of a beautiful sunset. The driver of the Fed-Ex truck that was backing out stopped to say with relief, Oh, thank goodness someone's got their camera! What a beautiful sunset!  And it occurred to me then, what strange things technology has done to us.  We panic at the thought of losing a memory forever. Even if it's the grainiest phone snapshot and we never again look at it, just the fact that it exists is enough. Someone somewhere has the memory permanently stored, and with that knowledge, we can go back to enjoying our view. Or even turn away from it.

Our winters here are so long. Not the harsh, beating coldness of most northern winters. It's dark, dull, unrelenting gloom.  When we have crisp, clear days, they are treasures that inspire us to make it through the strings of dreary weeks.  I can certainly identify with that overwhelming pull to capture them forever. Some days I long for proof that the sun ever graced my views.

golden seattle sunset.
(Taken with my phone, as I stuck my knee in a pile of leafy muddy guck.)

Earlier this week, I ran up and down a few blocks in Seattle trying to get a better vantage point of this amazing sunset.  I wanted to shout, Look! Don't you see it? to every person on the street. Wild eyed and running around, I was snapping phone shots left and right. After I acknowledged my own ridiculousness, and decided to hop in my car and just enjoy it, I passed the Pike Place Market sign, illuminated from behind by these same stunning golden clouds. That was the view I had imagined in my head all along.

In the 1.5 second glimpse I had of the amazing view, all I could think was, "Thank God there are tourists here. Someone will have taken a picture."

P.S. You can bet I was thrilled to see a private plane soaring across the view above. Surely that was their best flight ever.

P.P.S. Who's getting up to see the lunar eclipse in the morning? I'll be waking up my 3 year old to watch with me if the skies stay clear!


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