Welcome! I'm Shawna, an on-location natural light photographer from Kent, WA serving the greater Seattle and South Sound area. My passion is for birth photography! In birth or family sessions, I strive to capture details and the spontaneous moments that truly reflect the beauty in your life, and that you will treasure for ever. Sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy my musings, or better yet - pop me an email and introduce yourself. I love meeting new people!

Sweet peek - Isla

So excited to share this sneak peek with you!  So excited, in fact that I just had to add in a few extra images because this new family is just so flippin cute.

If you have ever welcomed a new baby into your family, you'll remember this feeling so well.  Just staring down at that little one, enamored with every feature, wondering how it could be possible that just a few days earlier you had never even met.

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And this moment... newborns are so impossibly small and perfect.

Thank you, Jennifer and Jonathan! It was such a privilege to visit during these most precious newborn days, so that you can remember them forever.


The reward

They say that your second baby's labor is the reward for the first.  Let me just say how true that was for my dear friend, MJ.  Most of her labor was all about this little dude, right here. MJ refused to have the baby until he was asleep in bed. :O)



MJ was absolutely radiant in labor. You would not believe her baby was born just two hours after this!

This image is everything I love about home births - laboring in a quiet, comfortable, dark space in the company of those you love.

After her little man finally fell asleep, this mama wasted no time at all! Hopped in the tub, kicked into gear, set her mind to it, and pushed that baby right out.

I think no matter how many times you do it, the moment when you meet your child just never gets old.

Hello, baby!
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Enjoying the new view.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Welcome, Silvia Elise! It was an honor to be there for your first few moments.

**Watch the full slideshow below, or click here for the full screen version!**


Tidbit #35

At the park today, Bella climbed higher than ever before, and took charge of all the kids on the merry-go-round. I really never imagined I'd see this day, and it caught me off guard. My timid little park-watcher is becoming daring.


Tidbit #34

Sunbeams, blue skies, warm air, and YES. Yes, let's turn around for your kite. Yes, you may push the stroller. Yes, let's detour our walk. Yes, let's sit out with blankets under the stars. I saw three moons around Jupiter tonight, and some day soon you will get to, too.


Tidbit #33

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Trapped in the house all day. Make my escape and burst out the door; breathe in the crisp night air and look up.  Clear, satin sky full of infinite old friends and I am grounded again.


Tidbits #30 thru 32

#30 - Mon: Friends. So grateful for amazing friends who scoop me up and let me decompress in just the way I need.

#31 - Tues: Lia sounds like she's on helium. Bella had a Shirley Temple voice, and Lia has a rough, squeaky voice. When she's super excited, she even breathes the words IN.

#32 - Weds:  Sitting at the computer. Lia is procrastinating bedtime, standing against me, putting her head in my lap and looking up at me.


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