Welcome! I'm Shawna, an on-location natural light photographer from Kent, WA serving the greater Seattle and South Sound area. My passion is for birth photography! In birth or family sessions, I strive to capture details and the spontaneous moments that truly reflect the beauty in your life, and that you will treasure for ever. Sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy my musings, or better yet - pop me an email and introduce yourself. I love meeting new people!

Six wonderful months

Little Miss Emily here turned six months old on the very day I came over to take her photographs. Half a year of enjoying this wonderful planet, half a trip around our sun.

Bonney Lake Family Photographer

I'm sure I'm not the first to say it (or the last!), but Emily landed in a home that's just bursting with love, and it was a treat to capture it all.

Bonney Lake Family Photographer

With international parents, Emily gets to experience everything in Swedish and English. Oh, and did I mention they have their very own sauna? Lucky (x2)!

Lashes |Bonney Lake Family Photographer|

Emily was in a wonderful mood when we started out and then as it got closer to her nap time, we took it slower so she could have some time to regroup with Mom and Dad. Baby cuddles never get old.

Bonney Lake Family Photographer

She has quite the set of edible toes, though I never got to catch her eating them on camera. She does the cutest thing where she rubs them back and forth on each other. My own daughter had a rendition of that when she was a newborn, so we dubbed her cricket - I was so sad to see her outgrow it. I think it's adorable that at six months, Emily's toes are still as captivating as they ever were.

Bonney Lake Family Photographer

Emily, what a treat it was to meet you on such a significant day. I hope your next six months are just as wonderful.


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