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More tidbit catchup!

Tidbits 15-27  (Apparently losing power for four days has me a bit behind.)

Sun 15th: How is it that the girls put on footy jammies and suddenly they're one year younger and completely cuddleable?

Mon 16th: Tracking foot prints in the snow. It's amazing how much wildlife is all around us, and how much we miss without the snow to record everything.

Tues 17th: Music holds our lives together. Lia is already taking to singing music, but when she and Bella were sitting in a boat together, she asked Bella to sing. A new understanding opened between them and suddenly they were off in their own world.

Weds 18th: Snow day! Lia looked like a giant pink marshmallow, and every time I saw her, I had to give her a big squishy hug. There's just no way around it.

Thurs 19th: So grateful for our amazing friends, opening their homes to keep us warm and dry during this incredible storm.

Fri 20th: Away from home tonight. Lia wants to sleep on my belly to fall asleep. Okay, snuggle baby. If you insist.

Sat 21st: It seems as if nature has turned on herself, sabotaging her amazing and beautiful work. It is heartbreaking to see the trees broken, fallen, beaten, just by ice and rain. But to her, it's just another part of the great cycle.

Sun 22nd: Oh my sweet sweet baby fell asleep in my arms, with the whole hubub of the house swirling around her. I can't remember the last time that has happened. Being trapped by a baby is bliss.

Mon 23rd: When we're listening to CDs or radio, one second between songs is one second too long for Lia. Song?

Tues 24th: Apparently, Lia has decided that if she is not grumping, she's going to be the world's most hilarious comedian. (Oh, I so dearly missed her goofies during these last few months of teething.)

Weds 25th: Sometimes it's hard to believe we live here. We really do. I look up at the jagged piney tree tops and sniff the cool, rainy air and I'm instantly transported back to my childhood vacations, riding in the car, dreaming someday I would live here. Now I'm living the dream, dreary days and all.

Thurs 26th: Giant squishy nap with my girls. We must be on the same sleep cycle, so I got to lie there and listen to the girls waking up. The both smacked their lips and squeaked the same way before waking. The same as they did as babies, too.

Fri 27th: Sitting in the sunbeam. Babies asleep, Bella reading an ipad book aloud. Watching this video (on my phone, no less) and giggling. 

Anonymous –   – (January 29, 2012 at 2:02 AM)  

there is so much about this post that made me sigh out-loud.
so, sigh.

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