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10 on 10 July

July! I really do not understand how the days keep slipping out from under my feet. Nothing changes and nothing changes and then a month is gone and then a year. It's nice to have 10 on 10 because change is slow and ever present with kids. You're going along and then all of a sudden you realize that things are nothing like they used to be, though you can't remember them changing.

So I will love waking up snuggled next to this one for as long as I can, in spite of her morning squirming and mosquito bite itching.

Soft, bright summer mornings.

And then we sat around the house all day waiting to sign for a camera in the mail and in all the nothingness, I forgot it was 10-on-10 day. My mom even visited and I didn't take a single picture. Amazing how I can remind myself relentlessly and still forget when I'm in the middle of a project. :O)

The fairy donning her beloved gloves as we waited for the mail truck.

Testing out the camera. These don't count towards the ten, I swear!

Bella playing big sister, realizes she can undo Lia's helmet all herself.

Hopscotch after a painful math lesson. She drew this one all herself and left the numbers out this time.

Quiet time in the kitchen while I cook.

My view while cooking. I love our new white cabinets.

Daddy's home!

And to bed. They always pick him instead of me, and by bedtime I have to agree!


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