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another field day

(The usual suspects)

T'is the season - for pumpkins! Out here it is hard to resist making the most of every sunny day. You'll notice that it might just have poured for a few days prior to our trip to the pumpkin patch.

We didn't take home any pumpkins this time. Bella was purely there for the cart ride.
I mean, that's not to say she doesn't appreciate a good hop in the mud, but if it's a choice between a puddle and a chariot, the chariot will win any day.

Thomas on the other hand... well he's a mover.

He may or may not have gotten in a little over his head. Bystanders were laughing and staring and, indeed, one said indignantly, "Where is his mother?" as we stood by and watched him play.

I do believe Thomas got to ride home in his diaper that day.

Stay tuned, because I was so excited to come across that tree in the first photo and I managed a few cute sessions there! And NOW, excuse us. We are off to hop in some leaf piles!


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