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A Most Welcome Snow Day

Well, I had to postpone my class last week (it will now run until Tuesday, Dec. 6, so come join us!) but it was for a worthy cause:

That's right, we got a freak November snowstorm right before Thanksgiving! Have I mentioned just how much I love snow? Last year we had maybe one flurry, so this year we had better make up for it. Bella was a wee little babe last time she experienced snow, and she quickly realized that no matter how badly you want to run outside (naked), the snow is cold and stings. Oh, that treacherous snow.

Just before dark, we ran outside to make a snowman (Bella is slightly obsessed and it dawned on my she had never made a REAL snowman before.) and then immediately ran back in when the sky started chucking icy sleet pellets at us.

We thoroughly enjoyed the snow, inside and out.

Much to our surprise, the next day dawned bright and beautiful. Out here, snow is usually followed by clouds and rain. To have a clear day the following morning was magical!

The entire neighborhood took to sledding down our main road. They were sledders from dawn until well into the night. You never realize how many neighbors you have until something brings everyone out of their homes!

Sure, it was less than half a foot, but it shut down the town, brought out the sleds, and became a snowfest to remember. Here's hoping there are many more to come this winter.

Nederlass  – (November 29, 2010 at 10:44 PM)  

Love it! Oooh, my favorites are the buds against the blue sky, and Bella doing her Klingon wrinkle. ;)

emicat  – (November 30, 2010 at 7:31 AM)  

I love the photo of Bella with the ice pellets bouncing off her head LOL :) Great snow photos!

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