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Thunder: Stranger number three

Well it's about time I put up another stranger photo for my 100 Strangers project. This one has been hanging out on my computer for three weeks now!(uhm, try three months... man this has been in my queue a while.)

Meet Thunder. That's his given name. Seriously, I asked. Short for Thunderstorm, if I remember correctly, which would be a most awesome name considering thunderstorms are one of my favorite things in the world.

Thunder works a stand at our local farmer's market on Tuesdays. I have to say, the Renton Farmer's Market, despite its short season is one of my favorites and I look forward to it all year. I was wandering around the market on my own (child-free time is a rare event for me!), just taking it all in and Thunder truly stood out in the crowd. I should have included more of his apron, because it was that pattern that struck me at first, and then his smile outshone it all when he greeted me. He truly has the most genuine and amazing smile.

Thanks, for being my third stranger, Thunder! I hope the off-season treats you well.


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